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Long sales cycles not conducive to test innovations

Barriers to entry and airport experience usually required

Highly fragmented market

Global revenue airport industry 2017 (ACI, 2019)


Estimated annual growth rates for passenger traffic from 2019 - 2039 (FAA, 2019)


Non-aeronautical revenue per passenger per trip

(ACI, 2018)


San Diego County Regional Airport Authority offers a unique setting for innovators to overcome the challenges of the airport industry.  Selected candidates may have the opportunity to test their idea with more than 24-million passengers at the third busiest single runway airport in the world.  San Diego is the perfect place to validate ideas for the airport of the future. The program consists of two 16-week cohorts that start in the Fall and Spring.  

Empowering innovators

Participants are guided from prototype to presenting in front of Airport Authority staff as well as community stakeholders. Successful projects have the opportunity to enter into contract negotiations with San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.

Guided collaboration

Innovators, companies, industry executives and experts come together to help you test your solution in an airport environment.

Sprint set-up

You will learn how to develop and pitch your idea to airports by participating in workshops, 1:1 mentoring sessions, expert presentations and input sessions.

Scale it

The Airport Innovation Lab at the San Diego International Airport can help you get access to other major U.S. airports to scale working products nationwide.

All for no equity!

$172 BN

3,500 sq. ft. micro airport lab environment with conference rooms, Wi-Fi, and easy access to airport terminals.
Ability to consult with airport experts on your solution and test your solution in an airport environment.
Opportunity to compete for a contract with San Diego County Regional Airport Authority.
Workshops and Consulting
Weekly workshops with airport subject matter experts and sessions to help you build a sustainable business and 1:1 mentor sessions.
Have the opportunity to meet members of the aviation industry, local/regional community, start-up community and benefit from the connections to airport executives, not only in San Diego.
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FAQs - Frequently asked Questions
License and revenue sharing agreements

With its mission to create play when there is none and teach children,

Nüdel Kart is a deconstructable mobile cart that can be reconfigured by

children in different ways.


Autonomous cognitive robotic devices for enhanced security and safety in a dedicated perimeter.


NXT Robotics logo.png

In-Airport Guitar Kiosk where consumers can relax pre or post flight by experiencing a Ciari Guitar in a comfortable setting that includes seating and one or more guitar play stations.


Pioneering vehicle-to-grid applications at airports with excess electric vehicle (battery-stored) energy sold back to the grid or buildings during peak demand times.

Baggage Nanny successfully tested their` service of secure luggage storage and delivery (for arriving and departing passengers). 


FreedomPark provides a fast, friendly no-wait valet parking experience, saving you time and ensuring your vehicle is safe. 

GoApron takes care of your scheduling from start to finish helping airports park airplanes smarter and increase revenue.


TravelCar successfully tested a peer-to-peer car-sharing platform enabling passengers to park and potentially rent their personal vehicles while traveling.

Vark successfully participated with a cloud based valet management platform designed to reduce admin time, operation costs & revenue leakage for the operator and a stress free valet experience for the customer.

Vark Logo.png

"We were born as a business in San Diego based on the confidence and support of the San Diego International Airport Innovation Lab and now, with the support of TRITON FUNDS, we elevate our commitment to our fellow San Diegans as they travel through San Diego Airport."

P.J. Mastracchio - AtYourGate CEO

After their successful roll out at San Diego International Airport AtYourGate secured seed funding of $2 million by San Diego based TRITON Funds. There is also a recent news video by KPBS  about the airport and AtYourGate.

"As the first airport to deploy our mobile charging solutions, from the beginning the San Diego Airport has been a tremendous partner for FuelRod. They believed in our concept and provided the launching pad into the airport industry. We owe much of our success to their support." 

Joe Yeagley – Fuel Rod Founder

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Please consider that all submitted information and records may become public pursuant to the California Public Records Act and each submission is subject to the conditions stated below.*

*The San Diego County Regional Airport Authority (“Airport Authority”) is a public entity and subject to the California Public Records Act (“CPRA”). (Cal. Gov. Code §6250, et seq.) Applicants should understand that all information and records submitted in connection with the Airport Authority’s SAN Innovation Lab invitation to apply, are potentially subject to disclosure in accordance with the CPRA. Accordingly, please consider carefully what information and records you choose to share with the Airport Authority as part of your application. All applications will become the property of the Airport Authority upon receipt. The Applicant must specifically identify, in writing, all copyrighted material, trade secrets or other proprietary information that the Applicant claims are exempt from disclosure pursuant to the CPRA. By submitting an application with claimed exemptions, the Applicant further agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Airport Authority and its Board, officers, officials, directors, employees, agents, and volunteers, from any claims, liability or damages, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, against the Airport Authority and to defend any actions brought against the Airport Authority for its refusal to disclose such material, trade secrets or other proprietary information to any requesting party. *There is no guarantee that an Applicant will be interviewed and no guarantee that those interviewed will be awarded an opportunity to work in the SAN Innovation Lab. The Airport Authority reserves the right to select the Applicant contingent upon the Applicant’s satisfactory completion of all conditions. The President/CEO reserves the right to reject any and all applications; to waive any informalities or irregularities in any application received; to waive any requirement of the application documents as to the submitting procedure; to revise the invitation to apply prior to the time for final submission at any time; to withdraw this invitation to apply at any time; to extend the time for submittal of applications; to conduct or not conduct interviews; and to reschedule interviews scheduled. By submitting an application, the Applicant agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Airport Authority and its Board, officers, officials, directors, employees, agents, and volunteers for any claims of copyright, patent or trademark infringement arising out of, caused directly or indirectly by the acts or omissions of the Applicant in relation to this invitation to apply and the application. Each party responding to the invitation to apply shall bear all of its own costs and expenses, direct and indirect, associated with or related to any action taken in response to this invitation to apply, and the Airport Authority shall not be responsible in any manner for such costs and expenses.


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